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Meet Jolanda
My Passion & Aim is to be of the Highest Service to Spirit, and to Render my Work for the Greater Good of All – not only for Individuals, or for this Planet but on Cosmic Scale.

About Jolanda

My journey took years of ongoing dedication and commitment, self-growth and discovery. Life’s resistance, the challenges and obstacles, makes one look inwards. Going through my own personal and spiritual exploration, unfolding as the years gone by. As this journey of awakening unfolds, we are met by our humanity, the shadow aspects of self, and the shadow aspects of awakening, a Spiritual Experience which is Highly Personal, a process which takes many years until we stand naked before ourselves....

One needs to find that space, awareness and wisdom within our own selves first before we are able to perform and provide the deeper healing space for others. My personal path has been a process of many and continued deep transformations and experiences throughout the years, each one has taught me new things about myself, and new ways of looking at the world. I am extremely passionate about the mind-body-spirit connection and our relationship to the universe and live and breathe the path of soulful evolution. I love the ability to work from the heart and deliver healing energy to others.

Remember, the healer too is forever on a journey of greater self-awareness and discovery …

As a Practitioner, Activator, Energy Conduit & Transmitter for Spirit, I meet each client where they are at, and I hold the space to enable the client to receive and let go, and therein lies the ability for the body, mind & spirit to connect and to heal on all levels, and allow for magical transformation to happen. My greatest joys are those moments when new possibilities come into view and transformation becomes possible.
My focus is helping the Body, Mind, and Spirit to Heal through releasing and moving energy naturally; and providing a space for improving one’s well-being and also assisting in easing and accelerating the ascension process. The Specialized Intuitive Energy Work and Light Language offers a hands-on, holistic approach to relieving pain, stress, anxiety, trauma, emotions, restrictions, congestion and stuck energy that have accumulated, by addressing the underlying issues. This work is based on an understanding that Memories and Discordances of our Many Life Time Experiences are stored in the Body (Cellular/DNA Level) /Energy Field/Hologram and on Quantum Level, manifesting into pain, emotions, disease, energetic blockages, and also showing up for us in our daily life’s where things does not always work out the way we want it to, … this is a way of our body/mind and higher aspect of self, to get our attention by giving us red flags...

Furthermore my mission is assisting with the client's soul's journey, ascension and awakening process, activating and opening them up to their greatest potential. Sometimes we go through hardship, shedding the old, to rise like the Phoenix. This awakening and shedding can be accelerated with energy work.
The body and the higher aspects of self, knows what we need, if we are only willing to listen. I bring direct attention, and focused intention to the body/mind/soul/energy fields – and through the Specialized Energy work–it opens a communication pathway for the messages that it is communicating to us. This work let our body/mind/soul/energy fields know that we are willing to listen to it, and then allow doorways to open to which we responds to, allowing for healing and transformation to manifest. This brings us into connection and alignment with our body, mind, soul and energy fields.

The work that I do applies to both Human and Animal alike. Remote Sessions, Transmission and Activations are available, and equally effective, time and space is not valid in this instance. Perhaps at no other time, has taking time for one’s self, and our animals been so vital to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We are all one Unity Consciousness Field, and the work that we do on ourselves will effect the whole, how beautiful is that.

I look forward to connect with you in this beautiful magical and sacred space. And I would like to invite you to experience and explore the magic of my work. It is not just an opportunity to alleviate tension, but a true holistic healing session for mind-body-soul.

Complementary Holistic Healing, Specialized Intuitive Energy Work, Light Language, Specialized Intuitive Animal Healing/Communication, Rebalancing Authentic Bodywork, & Workshops

About Healing Hands

Brought through by Spirit, at Healing Hands, I provide High Quality Specialized Intuitive Energy Work, Light Language, Specialized Animal Healing / Communication, and Alternative Authentic Bodywork, furthermore I also run various Workshops, teaching specialized skills that will help a person deepen into a healing relationship with themselves and with others including animals. Whether you are a healer or on your own souls journey, this is for everyone. In session we will be working on a subconscious level, where the conscious mind don’t have access to the healing and transformation that is so needed. As always this work is coming from the heart, and a heart centred space.
With the Personal Healing Sessions, Workshops and Teachings, the client will be given the tools that they need on their journey, and will be guided through their own personal and spiritual exploration into a place of great change and realization. This is a time of Miracles and Magic for those of us who are truly willing to do the work.
As a Practitioner, Activator, Energy Conduit & Transmitter for Spirit, I will be meeting each person where they are at, holding a safe, loving, and a high integrity space to enable the client to receive and let go.. the client too plays a vital part in in the healing process, to take responsibility, to be fully engaged, and to have the willingness to do the work. These deeper levels of healing come when the client is truly empowered in their OWN ability to meet “themselves” – whether in the presence of a healer or in their own lives in general, you will be guided and assisted in this process, you will not be alone on this journey. All I am doing is opening up the gateway, with the guidance of Spirit, to allow for your Higher Self & Body to do the rest, what really happens is YOU are healing YOUR OWN self!
Remote and Skype Sessions are available and hold an Equally High Potential for the healing and learning work to take place, I find it to be highly effective and empowering. Skype, video calls and live webinars or seminars are the easiest way to connect with souls all over the world, as distance, time and space has no relevance in this case. Included are online live workshops, bringing learning to your space, where learning can be spread out over time and are more affordable, accessible and convenient.
A taste of what may be experienced in sessions are things like ~ Releasing Karmic Miasmic Patterning, Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Stuck Energy, Phobias, Old Belief Systems & Patterns, Trauma, Implants Removal, Attachments Removal, Past Lives, Soul Retrieval, Mind Fragment Release, Relationship Issues, Relief from physical ailments, Clearing old oaths vows and contracts, Unlock from entanglement from the astral matrix etc. Activations like DNA, Twin Flame, Opening to your own Psychic Abilities, Unity Consciousness, Abuse, Addictions, Womb Awakening, Opening/Connecting/Aligning to your Souls Path, Connecting to your Guides/Animal Guides, Hara/Tan Tien, going through a Transition, Accelerating your Ascension, this is only a fraction of what may be experienced and is only a drop in the ocean of possibilities, there is so so much more that can be experienced in a session. Every session will be different and unique, as each individual is unique according to their own life experiences. I also work with children/babies who are going through difficulties, and also unborn babies to prepare them for the birthing and for whats to come.
People may Subscribed to my Newsletters by emailing me your details through my website to receive notifications of Workshops, Regular Free Transmission/Activations and Specials on Energy Work for Humans and Animals.

KaHuna Healing

Animal Communication

Hahana Hot Stone Therapy

Animal Reiki

Hara Shiatsu Healing

Animal Behaviour & Psychology


Dorn Spinal Therapy

Breuss Spinal Massage

Quantum Matrix Energy

Specialized Animal Energy Work

Light Language Energy Work

What I do

Some Forms of Energy & Body Work includes

ºKahuna Healing Therapy (Temple Style)
ºHara Shiatsu Healing Therapy
ºAncient Hahana Hot Stone Therapy
ºDorn Spinal Therapy
ºBreuss Spinal Massage
ºQuantum Matrix Energy Work
ºLight Language Energy Work

Other Services:

ºMunay–Ki Shamanic Rites / Initiations (Inka Indians)
ºWorkshops & Teachings

Animal Care Services:

ºAnimal Psychology
ºAnimal Communication
ºAnimal Reiki
ºAnimal General Info
ºSpecialized Animal Energy Work

Please Note:

ºThis is strictly a PROFESSIONAL and a HOLISTIC APPROACH to heal the body, mind & spirit.
ºThis Facility is not a SPA.
ºNo walk- in’s – bookings only by appointment.
ºThis work is not linked to any religion or organisation, the aim is to allow the body to access its own Innate Wisdom to Heal Itself and to be the bridge between spirit and matter

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Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being. -Rumi
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