Matrix ~ Quantum Zero Point Healing ~Level 1 Workshop

  • Self-growth and Transformation
  • Self-Empowerment; Take back your Power
  • Switch from Medicine to Quantum Healing
  • Open Universal Flow of Abundance
  • Unlock and free yourself from 3D Limiting Patterns
  • Elevate into 5D Energy Frequency
  • Activate your DNA
  • Master your Ego
  • Take charge of your destiny
  • Open up your Heart Space, etc. there are no limits for what you can use Matrix for!

    Who is this for? Anyone from all walks of life! … it can be used in everyday life for any issues from physical, emotional, material, goals etc. It can be used as self-help, on others, on animals and as distance treatments. You will learn techniques that will enable you to facilitate transformational processes in yourself and in others. Matrix will be a step up from any other energy work you have experienced!

    I invite you...

    I invite you on this very exciting journey that will change your life and every life you touch!

    Matrix is a system of healing, self-care, spiritual growth and transformation. Shifting pain, emotions, beliefs, misalignments, obstacles, addressing the root cause and creating the space for true healing to occur. There are no barriers to the expression of this energy and there are no limitations for it. Matrix Energy Work is a unique "language" of light codes, and it is a system that has no boundaries around the idea of possibilities. Matrix Work is a transformational tool working on Quantum Level. It is a process of communicating at the Quantum Level with energy and information, which creates all of reality. Our Electromagnetic Field of the Heart as well as our Right Brain allows us access to these Spheres. The blocks can be from incidents in our present lifetime, past lifetimes, from our ancestors, family, or karmic lessons. We don’t have to go into “The Stories and Dramas”; the Shift happens with light and ease as we shed light onto a pattern. Changes may be experienced instantly or noticed over time. Any shift that occurs within a system affects the whole system (ripple effect). Matrix Energetics is a gateway for change and transformation by communicating at a quantum level with energy and information that creates all of reality. Each person is different, and will have their own unique experience! You do not have to hold any particular belief or understanding in order to experience and benefit from Matrix Energetics. It can be used on Animals, and as Distance Treatments which is equally powerful and effective. Like most energy-based techniques, experience is the best way to understand how Matrix Energetics works. I invite you to bring miracles and magic into your life…

    All who are currently on earth right now have work to do on all their bodies. We have locks and crystals and blocks in our MerKaBa/Light Body preventing us from waking up. This is OVER NOW, and it is time to clear all these blockages so that we can begin to Remember and become who we Really Are!

    Booking Details

  • Where : South Africa, Western Cape, Helderberg, Somerset West
  • When : 31 October - 1 November 2015
  • Venue : To be confirmed
  • Exchange : R2000
  • RSVP : Before 20 October 2015
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    Thank you!

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