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My client have the freedom to send me their feedback regarding my sessions. All their details are private and confidential unless indicated otherwise by them.

Jolanda Venter


Testimonial 1

Session Feedback

“I had major shifts which I am sure are for my higher good! Emotional and physical levels even more so... I would imagine this is normal! Thanks so much I really needed it and would like to keep it up”


“I came to Jolanda Venter for a Kahuna Intuitive Body Work session, not knowing what to expect. I was totally amazed by the professional yet warm and caring demeanour she exudes. After well over an hour of this harmonious and gentle treatment I was totally relaxed and had the feeling of complete healing on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level. I will definitely be back again!”

Diane Ribeiro

Reiki Master, Crystal & Spiritual Healer, Angel Therapy Practitioner.


Testimonial 2

Session Feedback

“After the massage I was very tired and almost zoned out, so I slept well in the afternoon. The rest of the weekend I was doing very well and felt more energetic and my husband was commenting that I was more enthusiastic about life. Would be wonderful that this was the Shift I was craving for! My back felt improved until I start lifting something. So Jolanda, you were right, I am so willing to move on, and just hope I will be ready too. In any case, this was the most loving and caring massage I ever had and the feeling afterwards was quite overwhelming. You have got the most wonderful touch and definitely very healing hands. So thank you so much for this precious gift, I treasure it and I will be back. “


“The Kahuna massage was an awesome experience, as well as the hot stone massage. My body mind and soul felt completely rejuvenated. I can whole - heartedly recommend Jolanda’s healing hands and her loving and caring attitude.” Best regards with lots of gratitude

Martina Adelfang


Testimonial 3

Session Feedback

“I've had nothing but positive experiences with Jolanda and shes always on time. I’ve only had 2 sessions and never had any sort of bodywork before but I highly recommend it. Jolanda not only does the bodywork, she goes the extra mile to listen you, explain certain things in detail and she really helps you in every and any possible way she can. She is a very soft person and easy to speak to. You can email or call her anytime and she will always be willing to answer your questions and help you out. I highly recommend Healing j Hands. “

Emily-Jane Coulter


Testimonial 4

Session Feedback

“After the time­line clearing, energy transmission & healing session with Jolanda the pain I had been feeling in my hip and solar plexus area was so much better, and I also felt a great deal more peaceful and able to cope with the stresses in my life. Jolanda has the most loving and compassionate aura and is an incredible healer with an amazing gift. I could really feel the energy healing and clearing blockages in my body and as always, felt completely safe and held in love and light during the session. Her gentle advice to me on what was contributing to my health issues was spot on, and her messages from spirit and my totem animals so comforting! I was even able to sense a divine presence in the room during our session and received my own message! I have had a much closer connection to spirit ever since. Thank you so much Jolanda for the wonderful work you do and for the love, warmth and caring you radiate. I am so looking forward to our next session!“

Much love, Mel


Testimonial 5

Session Feedback

“Personally I had never had any form of Skype (Remote Intuitive Transmissions, Activations, Downloads & Healing Session), and was therefore quite curious as to how it would really work for me. I am pleased to say that the way in which Jolanda worked was an amazing experience. Perhaps I was rather sceptical – no I must admit I was sceptical from the point of the impact it would have. I knew it would work to a degree but was in all reality quite unprepared for that which came.

In all reality the expectations were nothing compared to the experience, in that I have had an inner peace and happiness which is not describable in words. Or perhaps I just lack the ability to express them. So for me it was THE most amazing session, it has been a very profound and beautiful experience and would highly recommend anyone who is called to seek out Jolanda. She definitely works on a level that the mind cannot comprehend but the very soul resonates with completely. You unknowingly allow yourself to gravitate to wanting to work through the process with her.

Jolanda thank you for allowing me to experience your work first hand, and I know anyone who has the fortune to work with you will experience a profound change for the better. “

Tilanie Meierhans

Editor in Chief Aneis de Vida


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