Light Language

About Light Language

“Light can be carried into the DNA in various ways, including Sound. Sound creates Light and is the pollinator of our DNA, it activates it, and DNA responds to it. Sound enlivens your DNA”

~ Deborah DeLisi ~

“Language of Light” is Higher Vibrational Frequencies that ‘speaks’ to your energy field; it is like a Divine Computer Code that can Re-Code our very nature to restore our Divine Blueprint. Its Key Code Geometries and Vibrational Frequencies in Sound, Light and Color attune us to Source, unlocking hidden and latent Pre-Programmed Blueprints for Higher Light Functions, Awareness, Consciousness and Ancient Memories of our Divine Nature and Heritage. These Key-Codes open Locks enabling us access to akashic records and ancient lineage held in our DNA.

As these Sound Light Key-Codes open Locks within us, we are Re Calibrated to once again hold the Higher Consciousness Energy Patterns of Divine Love and Oneness. Latent Divine Soul Blueprints and Enhanced Capabilities are activated as we are attuned to our Soul Essence and Divine Source within and without. The Language of Light speaks directly to your DNA, activating and recoding your personal vibrational signature as your Higher Self Activates the Encodements.

Light Language comes forth at this time because it is a powerful catalyst for the Ascension of humanity. It is innate within All Beings to communicate with the Divine. Light Language is one way of opening that communication. It opens the telepathic channels and creates a Heart Opening and Connection that speeds your evolution.

For more Information

Please open the full pdf document regarding the Light Language

Light Language Helps:

  • Bypass the mental mind
  • Activate DNA and the pineal gland
  • Release energetic blockages
  • Increase intuition
  • Access your innate wisdom
  • Emotional, physical, mental healing
  • Initiate Ascension

  • All who are currently on earth right now have work to do on all their bodies. We have locks and crystals and blocks in our MerKaBa preventing us from waking up early. This is OVER NOW, and it is time to clear all these blockages so that we can begin to Remember who we Really Are.

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